Whether you’re an established property developer or in the midst of building your property portfolio, Allied Business Accountants can help you maximise your profits with sound strategy advice and guide you through the complicated tax and legal administration process of acquiring, maintaining and selling investment properties.

We’ll set up property trusts and structure your investments in line with our effective tax minimisation strategies to increase your bottom line, and handle all your ongoing paperwork to ensure your tax compliance.

In conjunction with our network of top lawyers and financial advisors, we’ll analyse the cash flow and profitability of your property portfolio to maximise its performance, help you safeguard your risk profile, minimise your tax liabilities such as capital gains tax, and deduct your renovation expenses to boost your end profit.

Allied Business Accountants can help you:

  • Establish and structure property trusts
  • Manage your tax and legal paperwork
  • Ensure tax compliance including land and capital gains tax
  • Implement tax minimisation strategies
  • Analyse the cash flow and profitability of your portfolio
  • Safeguard your risk profile
  • Advise on renovation expense tax deductions
  • Consult on investment strategies including positive and negative gearing

Positive vs Negative Gearing

One of the most common questions amongst property investors is whether to positively or negatively gear their property portfolios.

Positive gearing refers to properties in which the annual rental income exceeds the loan repayments and costs to return an annual cash profit. Negative gearing, on the other hand, refers to properties in which the annual rental income is less than the loan repayments and costs, resulting in a short fall.

There tends to be more capital growth – or an increase in the overall value of the property – potential in negatively geared properties, while the cash flow you’ll receive from positively geared properties can help build your portfolio.

Depending on your financial position, there are varying advantages associated with both types of investments. Allied Business Accountants can offer valuable advice about how each strategy will effect your tax situation and implement tax minimisation strategies that will take your property portfolio to the next level.